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S-1200 1 Part Wet Look Sealer Ready to Use

S-1200 1 Part Wet Look Sealer Ready to Use

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EverSeal S-1200 ready to use 1 part is a water based seal. It is an environmentally friendly, protective finish designed to seal and enhance the color of concrete brick pavers.

EverSeal S-1200 penetrates into the surface and produces a tough, durable, clear film that will enhance the pavers color similar to its solvent based counterparts. EverSeal S-1200 binds the joint sand and protects against water damage, staining and UV ray damage. EverSeal S-1200 also provides mildew protection and tremendous resistance against wear from both foot and vehicular traffic. EverSeal S-1200 may be applied to damp pavers which allows for same day cleaning and sealing.

EverSeal S-1200 spreads between 1000-1200 square foot of coverage.

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