Our Policies

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many locations do you have?
    • One - Located in Clearwater, FL
  • Will you load material onto my truck, trailer or vehicle?
    • Yes. We load material using a forklift or tractor with bucket. Please note: Tierra Supply Co and its associates do not claim any responsibility for damage to customer property; loading material is solely at the risk of the consumer which is assumed upon entering Tierra Supply Co.
    • We will not be held responsible for damage that may result in loading your vehicle. Rocks can chip paint or bounce and break windows. If this is a concern for you, please refer to our very reasonable delivery options!
    • You are responsible for knowing your vehicle limits! Your load is your responsibility. Familiarize yourself with state regulations for securing your load. We also recommend that you bring whatever straps and tarps necessary to secure your load.

  • Do you offer delivery?
    • Yes
  • What is the delivery fee?
    • The delivery fee is based on radius from store and has a minimum order price.  The delivery fee starts at $50 increases based on miles to delivery location.
  • Can I schedule delivery for a specific date?
    • Yes, you are able to schedule the delivery date when checking out.
  • Where do you dump the material that is ordered for delivery?
    • Material will be dumped at the discretion of the property owner. Please note: Tierra Supply Co claims no responsibility for damage to property which includes, but is not limited to curbs, sidewalks, gutters, driveways, irrigation lines, privacy gates and more. Customer is to assume all responsibility when ordering material to be delivered via Tierra Supply Co or any other form of contracted transportation.
    • We want our deliveries to go quickly and smoothly and will take normal and reasonable precautions when delivering products to your site. We don't spread product, just dump. This allows us to stay on schedule and keep costs low.
    • Our professional drivers may choose not to deliver if the area is unsuitable or unsafe. Should this occur, PLEASE NOTE that we will refund the cost of product, but you will still be held responsible for the delivery fee.
    • Please note that if a garbage truck does not drive to your house, then chances are that we won't either.  We don't mind SHORT gravel driveways, but dirt road deliveries will either be denied or cost more due to the extra time they take.
    • For clarity: All loads deemed undeliverable will still incur full delivery price, but we will refund the material cost. In order to avoid this scenario, when selecting a delivery site:
    • Be aware of overhead obstacles that could interfere with raising a dump box, such as powerlines, eaves, branches, etc.
    • Placement of product will be on a driveway or reasonably hard, level surface.

    • Our trucks are heavy! We don't drive over curbs or lawns, on sidewalks, or over cement that is less than a year old. The middle of a driveway is the preferred place to dump.

    • We prefer that someone be present during delivery, but if that is not possible, we ask that you clearly mark the area with paint, a tarp, or a cone.

  • Products & Pricing
    • Please note that these are all natural products, sourced for quality. Each shipment may vary in color, shape, size and texture. It is highly recommended that if you are doing a large job that you buy all the material at once to ensure consistency. Because images on line may vary in color based on screen settings, we encourage you to come see products in person before ordering.
    • Due to the fluctuations in fuel costs and the cost of product from our suppliers, prices are subject to change at any time. Thank you for understanding.

Bagged Rock Coverage Chart

This chart will help determine how many bags of rock you will need to complete your project.