Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many locations do you have?
    • One - Located in Clearwater, FL
  • Will you load material onto my truck, trailer or vehicle?
    • Yes. We load material using a forklift or tractor with bucket. Please note: Tierra Supply Co and its associates do not claim any responsibility for damage to customer property; loading material is solely at the risk of the consumer which is assumed upon entering Tierra Supply Co.
  • Do you offer delivery?
    • Yes
  • What is the delivery fee?
    • The delivery fee is based on radius from store and has a minimum order price.  The delivery fee starts at $50 can increase based on delivery location.
  • Can I schedule delivery for a specific date?
    • Yes, you are able to schedule the delivery date when checking out.
  • Where do you dump the material that is ordered for delivery?
    • Material will be dumped at the discretion of the property owner. Please note: Tierra Supply Co claims no responsibility for damage to property which includes, but is not limited to curbs, sidewalks, gutters, driveways, irrigation lines, privacy gates and more. Customer is to assume all responsibility when ordering material to be delivered via Tierra Supply Co or any other form of contracted transportation.