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J.T. Eaton

Rat Depot Bait Station

Rat Depot Bait Station

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Gold Key™ Rat Depot™ tamper resistant rat traps are a safe, secure method for eliminating rats from a commercial or agricultural setting. From JT Eaton’s™ line of professional pest control products, the Gold Key™ rat trap is designed to be loaded with bait. Its rugged triangular design is ideal for placement in corners or behind equipment.

The included key allows for secure locking of the trap, preventing access by animals or humans.

Rat Trap 11.4 in L x 10-1/4 in W x 3-1/2 in H, Plastic

Gold Key™ Tamper Resistant Rat Trap Features:

  • Rugged design with triangular shape for placement along walls and in corners
  • Professional grade trap for indoor and outdoor, commercial or residential use
  • Tamper resistant lock for secure placement and capture
  • Triangular shape fits along walls and in corners
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