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Prime Source Flumioxazin 51 WDG Select Herbicide 1#

Prime Source Flumioxazin 51 WDG Select Herbicide 1#

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Flumioxazin 51WDG Select™ is a pre- and early post-emergent herbicide for use in and around ornamental woody shrubs, deciduous trees and conifers grown outdoors in containers or in the field (in ground), to maintain bare ground non-crop areas. It can also be applied to labeled dormant warm-season turf types for pre-and early post-emergent control of labeled weeds. Tank mixing with other pre and post-emergent herbicides may provide broader spectrum weed control.

Flumioxazin 51WDG Select™ is labeled for use as a fast-acting contact herbicide for the control of selected aquatic weeds including submerged, emerged and floating species. Depending on type of aquatic weed, applications can be made as a surface spray or sub-surface application.

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