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Prime Source Masking Agent Select 1 Quart

Prime Source Masking Agent Select 1 Quart

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Prime Source's Masking Agent Select is a strong fragrance that contains oils from the wintergreen plant, and is intended to mask the unpleasant odors of chemicals. The odors related with the applications of some fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides can be distasteful and generate adverse public awareness. Using Masking Agent Select in the spray tank will mask the offensive odors with a natural wintergreen oil scent.

  • Decrease the exposure of chemical spray odors
  • Wintergreen scent
  • Easy and safe with any tank solutions
  • Does not disturb the effectiveness of chemical ingredients
  • Does not harm ornamentals, plants and turf
  • Very helpful when spraying in public areas

The Masking Agent Select offers a brisk wintergreen scent that works to cover up severe pesticide application odors. It offers impressive formulation that blends with a non-ionic surfactant for convenient mixing. Also, the solution provides great operator comfort. Masking Agent Select is safe to use and will not disturb pesticide adequacy. It is best used in residential, commercial or suburban agricultural areas, greenhouse and nursery.

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