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Diamond-Loc Flexible "L" Shape 16ft. DIALOK15 Paver Edging

Diamond-Loc Flexible "L" Shape 16ft. DIALOK15 Paver Edging

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Designed to secure paver stones and patio blocks, This edging can conform to any hardscape design. Use the paver edging as-is for straight installations or cut the spines to make the edger flexible enough to curve with any round patio installation. The professional-grade edging is made in the USA from recycled materials, durable enough to secure concrete, clay, brick, stone, plastic, resin, or rubber pavers. For best results, follow industry standard paver installation methods, including the use of paver sand, gravel, base, and anchoring spikes, which are sold separately.
  • Durable and flexible paver restraint for patios, walkways, and garden installations

  • Snip-to-flex spines convert the rigid edging to a flexible paver restraint

  • Compatible with any style of paver stone or patio block installation

  • Made in the USA from recycled materials

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