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Comand Soil

Comand Soil

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  • Improved Turf Performance
  • Holds Nutrients
  • Supplies Microbes
  • Saves Water

Restore the natural microbial ecosystem in your soil and watch your turf become greener, thicker and stronger in as little as two weeks!

COMAND is a mature product that is carefully prepared to be highly beneficial to both plant growth and soil biology. With an extensive range of skills, our team of executives and specialists at Life Soils, offers the very best in technical assistance, as well as, a vast practical expertise spanning the fields of composting, microbiology, agronomy, horticulture and agriculture.

How Much Do I Need?

***Please note that bulk items are delivered in a dump truck***

If two different bulk items are ordered for delivery and only one delivery fee is purchased contamination or mixing of the products upon dumping is likely. Please be aware you will be subject to additional delivery fee if you choose to have more than one bulk product delivered and you are not wanting them to mix.

*Item is only available for Local Delivery or Pick Up Orders*

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