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Azalea 8-4-8 5lb

Azalea 8-4-8 5lb

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Sunniland Azalea- Camellia- Gardenia 8-4-8 fertilizer is a Premium granular blend for all Acid Loving plants in your landscape. This easy to apply granular will feed your plants up to 4 months with slow release nitrogen and extra micro nutrients which Azalea's, Gardenias and Camellia shrubs will love! This bag will feed multiple shrubs in your landscape and provide for a healthier plant with more blooms and color. Apply every 3-4 months throughout the growing season. This is a true acid formulation that provides better nutrients for your plants.
  • Easy to Apply Granular
  • Great for All Acid Loving Plants like Azalea's, Camellia's, Gardenia's and Rhododendron's
  • Contains essential micro nutrients like Iron, Manganese
  • Feeds up to 4 months with Slow Release Nitrogen
  • Better for the environment with slow release nitrogen, reduces run off!
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