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8-10-10 Fertilizer 50lbs All Purpose

8-10-10 Fertilizer 50lbs All Purpose

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Use 8-10-10 Fertilizer for palm trees, citrus plants and other tropical flora that needs a boost of targeted nutrients. 50-pound bag.

  • Provides the nutrients that tropical plants need to thrive with exclusive slow-release technology
  • Granules can easily be applied with a rotary spreader for even lawn coverage
  • Contains 3% iron for extended greening and better color response
  • 8-10-10 fertilizer analysis
  • Apply to tropical and coastal plants at any time during the growing season

Secondary & Minor Elements

  • Magnesium as Mg 2%
  • Maganese as Mn 2.03%
  • Iron as Fe 3%
  • Combined Sulfur as S 4.03%
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