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25g EZ Mount ATV Sprayer with MOE™ System Chapin

25g EZ Mount ATV Sprayer with MOE™ System Chapin

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The Chapin 25 Gallon Mixes On Exit (MOE) 12v 2.2 GPM ATV Spot Sprayer (97561) is an innovative ATV sprayer with separate water and concentrate tanks, allowing you to enjoy a mess-free and waste-free pre-mixing of chemicals. It comes with an adjustable Mixes On Exit (MOE) valve that mixes the concentrate and water as you spray. Has in-tank filters to prevent clogging. Compatible and can be installed easily on most UTVs, lawn tractors, and ATVs with the included ratchet straps. Contains multiple nozzle adjustments and a drain cap for quick cleaning. Excellent for applying various chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, fungicides, and even disinfectants.  Additional concentrate tanks are also available, allowing you to quickly switch out chemicals as needed.


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