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12" 2-Out Drainage Kit with Green Grate

12" 2-Out Drainage Kit with Green Grate

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Trouble with stormwater flooding your lawn, patio, or landscaping? You're not alone. For many homeowners, that means excess water isn't able to properly drain. If the problem isn't fixed, it can lead to a bigger problem-and costly damage to your property. Here's how to fix it. Drain water where it doesn't need to be with a stormwater catch basin. The 12 in. Square Catch Basin is ideal for handling heavy flows from lawns, landscaped areas, under downspouts, patios, and walkways. The catch basin, or catch drain, does more than "catch" water-as part of a complete drainage system, it works stealthily underground to direct water to connected drain pipes which carry the water to a discharge point such as a pop-up emitter, or to percolate into the ground with a dry well or infiltration trench. Kit includes a 2-opening basin made of polypropylene, 2 outlet adapters, and 1 plug which fits in either outlet adapter, and polyethylene grate to block leaves and debris from entering the drainage system. The storm drain with grate is rated for NDS Class B loads when properly installed. Built-in basin sump is easy to access and clean.

  • Preferred by homeowners, landscape architects, designers and contractors
  • Collects excess surface water from lawn, landscape, residential driveways and garages
  • Sump area collects debris and helps prevent clogged pipes
  • Fits 3-inch or 4-inch sewer and drain pipe and fittings, corrugated pipe and triple wall pipe
  • Able to withstand normal abuse in landscaping applications
  • Suitable for light vehicular traffic when properly installed


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