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Stick-Em Rat/Mouse Size Glue Trap

Stick-Em Rat/Mouse Size Glue Trap

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Keep your establishment free of pesky pests with this JT Eaton 111-24 Stick-Em rat and mouse size glue trap! A non-poisonous, eco-friendly solution for controlling mice, rats, and insects in your commercial establishment, this trap captures unwanted pests without the use of toxic odors or harsh chemicals. It features a non-flowing glue that won't dry out, offering exceptional holding power and long-lasting reliability. Plus, it remains sticky when exposed to a wide range of temperatures, making it ideal for controlling your facility's infestations year-round.

Unlike bulky, unsanitary spring traps, this glue trap features a thermo-formed plastic collection tray to provide simple handling and cleaning while also preventing glue from seeping through to your floor or carpet. Plus, thanks to the large 10" x 5" glue board, this trap can capture multiple rodents at once. Perfect for use in hotels, restaurants, and offices, this glue trap is an essential product for maintaining the clean and sanitary environment that your customers expect and deserve.

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