Washed Shell - Landscape Material In Tampa Bay

Washed Shell - Landscape Material In Tampa Bay

Washed Seashell or Washed Shells are a great landscape ground cover. The light color of the shells contrasts beautifully with green lawns and plants. They are an excellent paving material for patios, paths, driveways and courtyards. Washed shells have been used in landscaping in America since Colonial times because of their durability and allure. They continue to be the most popular paving materials used in the Tampa Bay and throughout Florida.

Ground Cover Crushed Shells

There are many benefits of choosing to use washed shells as a paving material over gravel. The greatest benefit is that, over time, surfaces covered by washed shell become more stable and even. As the shells breakdown from being walked on or driven over, they evenly disperse and become packed together creating a long-lasting surface that doesn’t need to be raked or maintained. In contrast, surfaces covered by gravel and crushed stone do need to be raked and maintained because the stones often shift unevenly creating ruts. Seashells also provide good drainage and add nutrients to the ground as they decompose.

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