COMAND - The Super Soil Enhancer NOW IN STOCK!

COMAND - The Super Soil Enhancer NOW IN STOCK!

What is COMAND®?

COMAND is very unique turbocharged compost. It’s created naturally through a proprietary process of microbial inoculation and stabilization. COMAND helps restore soil health, providing the perfect growing environment for your turf, flowers, vegetables or citrus crops.

COMAND can be utilized straight, or custom blended with varying amounts of sand to create root zone mixes for golf courses and professional sports turf. These blends are part compost, part sand—COMAND!

Some of the benefits of COMAND:

1. Improves Plant Performance 

2. Improves Soil Structure

3. Applies nutrients to the soil and helps retain nutrients also

4. Saves water, which saves YOU money!

5. Suppresses disease and nematodes. COMAND is available for purchase in store or give us a call / order online for quick delivery!


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